Mindful Gift Giving

I love Christmas, or Winter Solstice, as I celebrate it. The food and family time. Decorating my home and the tree. The cold and (hopefully) the snow, and the fact that from then on days grow longer.

I love giving and I love receiving. It gives me a great joy to make the experience of receiving my gift an unforgettable one for the recipient. However, it can become a stressful process, if we leave it to the last minute or don’t really know what others want.

Wrapping presents requires coffee!

Wrapping presents requires coffee!

I am a big believer of gifting experiences and consumables, rather than things (unless me or the recipient really needs something or likes beautiful things). And I don’t like giving gifts just for the sake of it. I enjoy the whole process, choosing the prefect gift, wrapping it beautifully to make sure that it is a beautiful happening for the receiver.

I, personally, like to receive gifts that will help me grow as a person, inspire me to care for myself and offer a beautiful sensory event. Struggling with chronic conditions is energy and time consuming, and I feel I don’t need more objects that need to be maintained and taken care of, which takes time and energy, because I already have enough to deal with. I want to experience life in other forms. I need simplicity and self-care. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that our preferences are not one the ones of other people, so it is worth knowing what a good gift means to the receiver.

Here is a list of my ideal gifts. I hope this guide will inspire you and simplify the, sometimes complicated, process a bit.

1. A creative workshop, like pottery & ceramics, calligraphy, jewelry making, painting, sewing, bread making creative writing, photography. It’s such a lovely idea in my mind. It’s gifting time for the recipient. Time to themselves. Time to relax. Time to learn a new skill. Time to be inspired.

2. A set of lovely skin care, like May Lindstrom or Marble & Milkweed, which are my personal favorites. It’s an invitation to self-care and self-love. It is saying, “you deserve time for yourself, so take it and enjoy”.

3. Tickets to opera, a concert or theatre. It’s food for soul.

4. A good quality suitcase. It is an object, but in my mind it inspires the person to experience life, the world and themselves.

6. A massage, or better even, a few massages. Self-care is such an important part of being alive, so give someone just that.

7. A Gift Card to a plant shop. I love plants and am slowly transforming my home into an urban jungle. If they love plants, this gift can be a winner.

8. Womanology products. Invite the women in your life to a self-love ritual that will transform the relationship they have with their bodies.

9. Joyful Periods online course, taught by my wonderful friend Natasha of Forage Botanicals. It teaches how to get close to your body and become friends with your period.

10. Books. Books. Books. Objects that are a gateway to experience.

11. A nice sex toy from Coco de Mer and my Self-Love Potion No.01. Which woman doesn’t need that?!


Womanology gift set for the wonderful women in your life. 

Womanology gift set for the wonderful women in your life. 

If you are a woman reading this, and you find it right up your alley - please feel free to forward it to your partner and friends. If you are a man, you know what to do!

Let me me know what you think or if I’m missing something in the comments below.