A few things you should know about your clitoris.


The clitoris has been a mystery for far too long, not only to men, but also to women. Doctors have been avoiding it in medical texts for centuries and it has been largely ignored by the society in general. To add salt to the wound the ‘father of psychotherapy’, Freud, even said that clitorial orgasm is immature and that women should learn to orgasm via penetration. WTF Mr?! It is like saying that men should learn via anal penetration as the orgasm achieved via stimulation of the penis is immature. Another two ‘male clitoris specialists’ Stuart Brody and Rui Miguel Costa, argued that women who achieve orgasm by clitorial stimulation are mentally unfit. I am not joking. Let’s move away from what the male-specialsts-who-never-had-a-clitoris-and-hate-women have to say about female body and pleasure and focus on what we know about the clitoris today, without the sexist bias involved. Pure facts. Brace yourself. The clotoris is pretty amazing.



Anatomically, the clitoris is a female sex organ. It is found just below the urethra and it feels nice when you touch it. I have gathered a few facts about it, which I think every woman should be familiar with. Enjoy!

- The majority of women need their clitoris stimulated in order to orgasm! Take that, Freud.

- What you see is just a part of the clitoris called the clitorial head. The rest is located along your labias and has a shape of a wishbone. Apparently, the G-point is part of the clitoris too!

- The clitoris contains 8.000 nerve endings – that is double that of the penis and more than any other part of the body.

- The sole purpose of the clitoris is to bring women pleasure.

- The word clitoris stems from the Greek word meaning key. Key to women’s heart? 

- The clitoris is composed of erectile tissue, meaning that when a woman is aroused the clitoris enlarges, just like the penis.

- The distance from the vagina to the clitoris affects sexual pleasure during penetrative sex. Those with their clitoris further away might benefit with help of sex toys.

- Women can achieve clitorial orgasms at any age. We don’t ‘expire’. How amazing? No need for viagra! 

- The mind is largely responsible for female orgasm, so getting in the right mood is key.



As you can see we are in possession of one of the most amazing organs. Remember to cherish it! I want to share a little fun fact about me: I have spontaneous orgasms while sleeping. I don’t even necessarily need to have sexy dreams, just wake up with an orgasm at the most random of times. IT IS GREAT!

Let me know if I have missed something!