The Healing Power of Pleasure – why we should masturbate regularly. 

To masturbate is to pleasure yourself in a sexual way by touching your intimate regions. You can do it with your hands or with the use of sex toys or any other object, really. Masturbation usually leads to an orgasm. 

Female masturbation has been a taboo in our society for a very long time, and is a part of a bigger women-disempowerment plot, in my mind. Women’s needs being dismissed, health issues not being treated seriously and the lack of understanding of the female body and nature have long been a part of our model of society. We have been called sinful, dirty and temptatious, among other, much worse, things. We have been burned at the stake for standing up for ourselves and being self-sufficient.. We have been humiliated, disrespected, ignored and abused. Enough.



Today, I am hoping to start a rebellion against the idea of what a woman is according to this sexist society. Let’s get to work, ladies. Reclaim your pleasure. Masturbation is one of the most powerful acts of self-care and self-love. It is an act of taking back of womanhood, which has been defined by women-hating-men for far too long. Masturbation is normal, it is healthy, it is safe & it is pleasurable. I do believe we don’t do it enough. The idea that you need penetration to release sexual tension is outdated and down right sexist (thanks for nothing, Mr Freud). Let’s stop suppressing this wild, powerful, feminine, sensual nature. Let’s embrace it. Why should we? Have a look:

- To show love and respect towards yourself. Knowing your body and giving it pleasure is very empowering. 

- Touching yourself intimately helps you connect and become more in touch with your body. It strengthens the relationship you have with yourself.

- Masturbation is extremely relaxing. Starting or ending your day with a rush of endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin it provides is simply delicous. It will certainly lift your mood and help you be calmer. I also masturbate instead of meditating sometimes. It is great!

- Pleasuring yourself regularly will teach you what you like, help you be more secure in your sexuality and fantasies. Read: multiple orgasms and betters sex with others, which will lead to better relationship with your body and your partner/s.

- If you have suffered from pelvic pain or hypertonicity, like vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, clitorynia, pudendal neuralgia or pelvic floor dysfunction (or any other pelvic pain), rediscovering pleasure and sexuality can be really difficult. Touching your pussy will help you heal the relationship you have with your body & pleasure. It will help remind your body that it is still capable of pleasure. It will help you awaken the sexual, sensual being that is dormant because of the pain it experienced. It can help you learn how to control your pelvic muscles again. You don’t have to feel pleasure right away, just become comfortable with your body. 


- Masturbation can help strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles, which is especially great in pregnancy and after you had your baby. 

- Some women masturbate to ease menstrual cramps. I mean, why not?

- It is the safest sex possible! No way of getting pregnant or ill ;)

To put it simply, self-pleasuring is good for you and your health. You don’t need sex to release sexual tension – you are perfectly capable of doing it yourself. Just remember, you should only do things that feel nice. Don’t force yourself. Make sure you are comfortable. If you are struggling with pleasure, just touch yourself without expecting to orgasm. Just keep discovering your body. It will help you connect with your pussy. Before you love others, you should love yourself!