Womanology – why did I create an alternative intimate care range? 


I have always been pretty disembodied, and disliked my womanly body. I didn’t like being a woman. I struggled with having periods, seeing them as a curse. Then I developed pelvic pain at the age of 19. Great start of my adult years! Things were getting worse and no one had any answers as to what is wrong with me and what can I do to heal my pain. Different diagnoses, laparoscopies, medications, hormones. By the age of 21 I had been taking more medication than was reasonable, but my symptoms were not getting any better. In fact, they were getting worse and I kept developing new problems. I was getting increasingly anxious and depressed. I didn’t want to live my life if it was meant to look like this.


At one point, after a rather traumatic hospital stay, I realised that there must be a better way. I ditched all the medication and started my alternative medicine journey by joining few short courses with Neal’s Yard Remedies. Herbal medicine, nutrition and making natural skincare. It was the beginning. There I met a wonderful lady – Niki Lawrence - and was inspired to enroll at the University of Westminster to study BSc in Herbal Medicine. It was amazing. Slowly my problems were getting better. No more digestive issues, my liver functioning again, my skin was healing. I was gathering knowledge in Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Botany & Herbs. It was invaluable. Using that knowledge, I started creating pessaries and other intimate care products to support healing of my then undiagnosed vulvodynia & hypertonic pelvic floor and later, to support myself in pregnancy. Once my labour was getting closer, I created products to support myself while giving birth and to encourage postpartum healing. In fact, I my water broke while making a postpartum sitz bath!

Once my daughter was born, I realised I didn’t know how to be a nurturing, loving mother. I grew up with with an abusive, neglecting, narcissistic, addict mother & stepmother and I knew I didn’t want to mother my daughter in this way. I needed to start anew and heal the woman within me. I started participating in women's circles and profound healing was happening. I wanted to be a good role model for my daughter. I wanted to be a mother I never had, both for her and for me. I kept creating products and sharing them with other women. They loved it and Womanology was born.




It is a series of products created to support women’s intimate wellbeing, in the broadest sense. To support women holistically in all phases of womanhood – from menstruation through pregnancy, birth & postpartum to menopause. To encourage them to explore and connect with their bodies. The ethos behind Womanology is to RECLAIM WOMANHOOD.



Because they focus solely on female needs, in all stages of being a woman. From daily intimate skin care, through intimate skin conditions, sexuality, spirituality, menstruation, pregnancy, birthing, postpartum & menopause. They aren’t only designed to help you care for your body, but also to nurture the connection you have with it and heal the wounded parts of your soul. They are tools designed to reclaim womanhood. Unapologetically.



For all women interested in taking care of themselves. For all women who want tools of embodiment. For all women wanting to heal the relationship they have with their bodies. For all women who feel like they haven’t been heard, seen, understood, respected or connected.

For women who believe in effective, plant based remedies to support and heal them. For women who want to live a fully embodied life. For women who want to reclaim womanhood, without shame.




Because of my own journey. Because I have been disembodied all my life and didn’t understand my body. I suffered from painful periods, vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, clitorynia, interstitial cystitis, hypertonic pelvic floor, painful sex, extreme dryness, postnatal pelvic trauma. All this pain lead to destroying the relationship I have with my body even further. I believed that being a woman is a curse.

Once I gave birth to my daughter I knew this must change. I want her to live life full of understanding & love towards her body. Teaching her the magic, beauty & power of being a woman is of utmost importance to me. Womanology products are the tools I created to heal my life.



Womanology products are designed to soothe, balance, nourish, cool, heal, and moisture the delicate intimate tissues on a physical level. On another level they are meant aid embodiment, celebrate femininity, heal the relationship you have with your body.

I started making pessaries, cleansing oils, sitz baths and yoni steams for myself and found them to bring a significant relief, healing my over-sensitive nerves, nourishing & strengthening the delicate intimate skin, calming the pain, help heal my post-episiotomy scar & prevent infection.

Other products like rollers or mists helped me keep calm and taken care of.




Womanology is my life’s work. The products are the result of years of pain, both emotional and physical and my super power of turning shit into gold. They are important to me because they help other women. Because we need to be addressing those complains that women suffer with in silence. Because we need to reclaim womanhood. Womanology is my feminist manifesto.



I believe in Womanology products because they helped me heal my life and are helping other women to heal their lives too.



They are created for to support women in all stages of womanhood. Without judgment, criticism, dismissal, sugarcoating or ignoring the pertinent & persistent issues that women struggle with.


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