Hello! My name is Oliwia.

I have created Womanology to inspire women to connect with and love their feminine bodies. To reclaim womanhood.

How it all started…

I survived an eight-year saga of undiagnosed vaginismus, vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, clitorynia, pudendal neuralgia, interstitial cystitis and pelvic floor dysfunction. It was a lonely and painful journey, marked by periods of deep depression and anxiety. Conventional medicine only made things worse and compounded the problems. This lack of medical support and understanding prompted me to train as a holistic therapist. I literally went to school to learn about being a woman! 

I first started creating pessaries and other preparations to support my own recovery, with an encouragement from my herbalist and teacher, Christopher Hedley. I began formulating the remedies I needed when I learned they did not exist (even for things as natural and common as menstrual cycle, pregnancy, labor and postpartum).

While pregnant, I began making my own preparations to support well-being, prevent infection and prepare for labour. During labour, I used the potions I specifically created to help with relaxation and grounding. Postnatally, I made preparations to encourage healing of vaginal tissues, pelvic muscles, breasts and to support my mental health.

The practice of making remedies and self-care products began to grow as I started sharing my products with the encouragement of my wonderful pelvic floor physiotherapist & friend, Megan Vickers.

Once I attended my first sisterhood at Fertility Massage Therapy course taught by Clare Blake, I knew my life was changed forever. The amount of healing, knowledge and inspiration I received, awoke something she could not contain. And from there, Womanology was born.

Things that make me the happiest are…

My family and friends, being creative, roaming in nature, skinny dipping after thunderstorm, warm rain and of course, the thunderstorm itself. 

I am fascinated…

With different cultural approaches to womanhood, menstruation & motherhood and the traditional ways that women have taken care of themselves for centuries. The human body.


- 2 years of Herbal Medicine BSc at University of Westminster

- 2 years of Anthropology, with the inspiring Chris Knight, the author of “Menstruation and the Origins of Culture”

- Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Science Diploma at Neal's Yard Remedies 

- Pregnancy, Labour and Postpartum Massage & Aromatherapy at Neal's Yard Remedies 

- Fertility Massage Therapy with the amazing Clare Blake, the founder of Fertility Massage Therapy - currently finishing my case studies.

- Hypnobirthing Teacher with Katherine Graves, the mother of UK Hypnobirthing

- My own healing journey