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Womanology believes in beautiful body care - evocative scents, silky oils, and buttery salves that harness the healing power of plants. Pleasure is part of our medicine. Womanologyโ€™s proprietary line of botanical remedies is formulated to stir the senses as it nourishes and restores wellbeing.

Every blend is developed with womenโ€™s unique needs in mind, drawing on our rich knowledge of plant medicine. Womanology's artisanal products are lovingly handcrafted in small batches from the highest quality botanical extracts, in our London studio.

All ingredients are active ingredients - each has a specific therapeutic purpose. We use certified organic and wildcrafted oils and extracts whenever possible. To ensure purity and potency, every preparation is developed with ten elements or less.



"I want my products to nurture feminine nature, wellbeing, self-esteem, intuition, empowered sexuality and self-love. I really hope that we can change the way we look at our bodies and learn how to love them, fully. They are not a curse, they are a blessing. Womanology is about sharing my wisdom and my journey with other women from around the world so that we can heal, support and empower each other. I am honoured that you are here." - Oliwia Drzymuchowska-Salsas, Founder of Womanology