Are your products handmade? 

Yes, we make all the products by hand in our London studio. 


Are your products gluten-free and vegan?

Yes. All the ingredients are derived from plants. Womanology usse oils, waxes, butters, essential oils, CO2, floral waters & herbs and never use artificial or synthetic ingredients. 


I have Vulvodynia | Vestibulodynia | Clitorynia | Vestibulitis | Interstitial Cystitis | Dyspareunia | Hypertonic Pelvic Floor | Pelvic Floor Dysfunction | Endometriosis | Fibroids | Polycystic Ovary Syndrome | Menopause. Can I still use your products?

Yes. Oliwia, our founder, has designed the products to support herself with her own intimate struggles – you can read about her journey here. Each product is designed with women's body and nature in mind. However, it is wise to consult your healthcare professional before using any new products.


Why do you use oils instead of soaps in your cleansers?

Womanology created a range of intimate care products with oils because they are wonderful for cleaning and nourishing the skin, especially of the delicate intimate area. Oils are full of beneficial compounds and have naturally acidic pH, similar to your skin and intimate areas.

Commercial soaps and intimate cleansers can damage the skin’s natural protective barrier - the acid mantle - making the skin dry, fragile and prone to infections. Oils help rebuild and support this natural protective barrier. 


What is the shelf-life of your products?

With proper care all products should last for 12 months, at least. Womanology's products are handcrafted without any water or artificial preservatives and as such should be stored away from heat, light and moisture. It is recommended to keep bottles out of direct sunlight. And always use any products with clean, dry hands. 


Do you test on animals?

Never! We love them far too much. All products are tested on friends and family instead. 


Why does my product look or smell different to the one I purchased before?

We make all products with 100% plant-based ingredients, which can vary depending on the growing conditions and weather. Subtle disparities are totally normal and nothing to worry about — just a beautiful reminder of the diversity of the Mother Earth. If you receive a new product with an alarming deviation in smell, texture, or colour, please email us on hello@womanology.life. 


Are your products organic? 

We uses as many organic ingredients as we can, but not all of the products are 100% organic. We have starred the organic ingredients for each product for full transparency. In the long run, Womanology strives to be fully organic. We am constantly sourcing organic ingredients, and replace any non-organic ones as soon as an organic alternative is found. 


Where can I buy your products? 

You can purchase all Womanology products through the Apothecary, Brume and in the Re:mind Studio shop. If you are interested in wholesaling our products please email us on hello@womanology.life.


What are those beautiful black glass bottles & jars that you use?

Womanology uses violetglass, also known as amethyst glass because powdered amethyst crystals are used in the production of these beautiful bottles. They are known for their exceptional ability to lengthen the shelf-life of products by filtering out the light frequencies that can harm delicate oils. Bottling our products in these glass containers helps maintain the integrity of the ingredients. Plastic tends to interact with liquids, and over time can leach undesirable compounds into the products. 



If your question hasn’t been answered, please write to me at hello@womanology.life and allow 3-5 days for reply.