sensuality series - no.01

 the Sensuality series was created as tools to help women reclaim their sexuality and sexual power and sensuality. healing from sexual trauma, sexual abuse, pelvic pain. anything that leads to your body shutting down from pleasure.

our tips are to start gently. be kind to your body. in order to receive pleasure fully, we must get to know our bodies, connect with them. learn to create a safe space for ourselves to explore, experience and receive pleasure. start by yourself. learn your body. work through the pain. cry if you must. don’t hold it in.

female sensuality is a staboo. we have to reclaim it. it is a powerful healing tool.

this series is all about recialing our sensuality and sexuality. it’s for you if:

  • you have experienced sexual abuse

  • if you experienced sexual trauma

  • if you have been brought up in a family that considered sensuality and sexuality as something shameful.

  • if you have struggled with pelvic pain, painful sex

  • you have experienced something that lead you to disconnect from sex, pleasure, sensuality, your body, your vulva, your vagina.

these products are tool & invitation to self-discovery, self-healing, self-love, self-connection, self-respect and self-pleasure.

it is healthy to have a sensual relationship with yourself and your body. there is nothing shameful, dirty, sinful about pleasure, masturbation and self-exploration. you deserve to be loved in many ways that feel good.

The Self-Love Essence No.01 is a sister to our Self-Love Potion No.01. The idea behind the No.01 series is to inspire women to reclaim pleasure, connect with their sensual selves & heal the relationship with their bodies. 

Self-Love Series No.01 are all about sensuality & sexuality, embodiment, grounding & pleasure. 

reclaim your body, take it back. pleasure is healing. pleasure is medicine.