“The Self-Love Potion No.01 is a pot of intimate pleasure. Velvety smooth to touch, smells divine and feels amazing.” - Clare Blake, Founder of Fertility Massage Therapy

“Two words: Self-Love Potion No.01 works! I've always struggled to achieve orgasms on my own so this is definitely the right potion for me. It smells great (I love cardamom) and it feels great. I use it with my partner too. Great way to enhance your pleasures.” - Danielle B. 

" I love the scent of the Self-Love Potion No.1. The texture is easy to apply without it dribbling all over the place. I don't need much to get the strong scent wafting in my direction. A lovely aphrodisiac. " -Natasha Richardson, Medical Herbalist, Founder of the Forage Botanicals

“The Self-Love Potion No.01 is a gorgeous silky soft balm with beautifully sweet and warm scent invigorating my pleasure time.” - Lydia K. 

“The Self-Love Potion No.01 is amazing. The smell is divine. It leaves my lady-bits nourished and loved.” - Patricia L. 

"Once you try the Intimate Cleansing Oil No.01 you won’t be back to ordinary intimate soap. This oil is soothing, refreshing and leaves my skin soft, and it smells like heaven. A simple daily routine that makes you feel like you are pampering yourself." - Laia G. 

“I loved the smell and the feel of the Cleansing Oil No.1. It made me feel very feminine and like I was really looking after myself. It made something as normal as washing feel luxurious and pampering. I also love the fact that only plant based ingredients are used and that so much of these are nourishing, softening oils like avocado and coconut. So many cleansing products contain alcohol and other drying ingredients, so it's lovely to find one that doesn't! A really pleasant experience, it added a little luxury to my shower. I felt softer and more moisturised. I also felt more love for myself as a woman, which I didn't expect.” - Jessica Duffin, Founder of This EndoLife

“The Intimate Cleansing Oil No.01 smells lovely, feels great. I feel at peace knowing that my flora stays happy. I find that soaps and shower gels (even those for sensitive skin) leave me more prone to thrush and urinary infections. Since using this cleansing oil I haven't had any discomfort. Cleanses, moisturises and protects at the same time.” - Iulia Barta, Medical Herbalist

“I am enchanted with the Intimate Cleansing Oil No.01 . It is the best intimate cleansing product I have ever used. It smells amazing. The consistency is great. It moisturised my lady-bits, and soothed post- sex irritation.” - Ivana B. 

“By using Womanology products I have become more aware of my female health and the importance of intimate products. I am definitely more in touch with my body!” - Ola Martyna, Medical Herbalist

“I had the pleasure of using the Self-Love Potion No.1 for me time, after a relaxing bath I applied the potion to my womb area with gentle massage, the texture was lovely to apply, no greasy residue, and was easily absorbed into my skin leaving it feeling like velvet! Highly recommend.” - Lynda A.

"Intimate Cleansing Oil No.01 is my favourite product. It smells lovely, cleans your lady-bits well and you can be sure that there are no nasty ingredients. It will improve your intimate health. By using Womanology products I became more aware of my female health and the importance of intimate products. I am definitely more in touch with my body!” - Ola Martyna, Medical Herbalist

"I am in love with the sheer quality of ingredients and the utter gorgeousness of Womanology's products. Oliwia Drzymuchowska-Salsas has created something very special here. There is power in her collection. They are perfect companions for a variety of embodiment techniques and I highly recommend them. " - Kathie Bishop, Medical Herbalist &  Founder of Into the Wylde


"These products are nothing less than heaven. I have been on a discovery and healing journey of my femininity and these products have been great allies on this journey. Oliwia makes them with such great care, devotion and love and she has a perfect nose because the smell of all the products are divine. I use the Cleansing Oil daily, it is like a precious self-care, self-love moment. I look forward to this moment every day. It is like a little pussy party :-)  And I use the Self-Love Potion No.01 and the Prepare-Repair Elixir frequently. They bring such healing and new frequencies in my body and they help me to reconnect to hidden parts of myself. I would recommend these products to litteraly every woman on this planet."  -  Mathilde